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New in Strouanne!

Relax with our Swedish spa

The Nordic bath is an excellent way to relax and fight stress. Under the effect of heat, your muscles relax...

An authentic bath where only the crackling of the wood fire can be heard; a bath where you can recharge your batteries by observing the spectacle of nature with the sound of the waves as a soundtrack to happiness.

Welcome to Strouanne

Wissant Bay Holiday Home

A unique situation: facing the sea and the English coasts with direct access to the beach and the heart of a preserved natural park.

To fall asleep and wake up to the sound of the waves... In the center of the bay of Wissant in the Regional Natural Park of the TWO CAPS AND MARAIS D'OPALE, the 12th Great Site of France.

The paradise on earth for fossil hunters, fishermen on foot or by boat, kitesurfers, hikers, sand yachts, flying kites...

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